January 17, 2019 1 min read

Berry and Holly have just booked their train tickets to London. They heard on the news last night that Parliament has made a dog's dinner of something and immediately both their ears and stomachs pricked up. If anyone is serving a dog's dinner then these two want to be there first to lap it up.

Berry has visions of upturned food bins and Holly of roasted Pheasant in a casserole dish on the AGA. Unfortunately, it turns out the dog's dinner in question is Brexit. The bloody humans have been trying to work out how to part ways with a body called the EU. Have they never heard of a bucket of cold water...

Brexit for dogs

Back to more serious things, what does Brexit mean for you and your pets, especially your dog? Well, Parisian Poodle might be off the market for a while until they agree on the pet passport thing. Running with Romanian Rottweillers might also be off the menu for a while too.

Personally, we think the whole thing could be much better organised by a couple of dogs over a bowl of dried meat. Watching Jeremy Corbyn, you'd think he was trying to mark his territory on every lampost in town...!

Woof Woof x



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