As the Christmas season draws to a close we look back and think of how we passed some cheery time with our owners and their children. An obvious past time for a lot of families with dogs (their best friends) and other companions is to snuggle up on the sofa and watch Christmas flicks as a way of winding down after a heavy year of work.
For some of us (Holly) we are allowed up on the furniture to enjoy an uninterrupted view of affairs. Others not so lucky (Berry) have to make do with the floor but at least it has a carpet on it and the fire is sometimes lit. Enough of the competitive banter between the Directors and back to our favourite doggy films to watch at this time of year. Instead of the usual list of regular doggy flicks, we have chosen an alternative one and hope you agree and enjoy. Let us know what yours are.

Number 4: Watership Down -

Watership down the dog
Starting the list is "Bob" the vicious dog from Nuthanger Farm who features in one of Berry's childhood favourite reads. Bob starts off as the enemy but ends up unwittingly saving the rabbits of Watership Down from the assault of General Woundwort and his rabbits. So well done Bob for being an all-round unsung hero, we really hope those wounds clear up safely. 

Number 3: Tarka the Otter -

If you are wondering why we love this one, it's nothing to do with the cute but tasty Otter, but the bad guy is played by a fellow dog. This is a special favourite of Holly because it involves the thrill of the chase. Ending of course with the hunt of Tarka by Deadlock and his chums the hunt hounds. We never really get confirmation of Tarka's demise but we wish Deadlock and his chums well.
Number 2: Anchorman -

Yes, that's right, Will Ferrell as the jazz flute newsreader, who's only sane sidekick is his Border Terrier "Baxter". Not only can he talk and think, but he also saves the news team from an attack by bears at the end of the movie. He is also the only dog to get punted off a bridge by Jack Black dressed as a Hells Angel which although funny looks a little painful.

Number 1: Star Wars the Last Jedi -

Landing at number one is Gary the Dog. This may seem like a random pick but as Holly is a super Fan of Star Wars it makes sense. Gary the Dog AKA Gary Fisher, beloved pet of the great late Carrie Fisher, AKA Princess Leah, he features in the Last Jedi movie in disguise as an alien. Surely there is no greater showing of respect between dog and lost master, apart from Bush Senior's Labrador of course, but he never featured in a movie. You can follow Gary Fisher the Dog here on Twitter.

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