Mark + Chappell Nutri-Booster

  • These super-tasty, natural treats provide essential nutrients for your puppy for a long, active and healthy life.

    They contain omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and essential vitamins to help maintain a healthy skin and glossy coat.

    They are an ideal treat for puppy training or just as a daily treat!


    • Suitable for puppies from just four weeks
    • Contains a concentrated source of calcium to support healthy teeth and bones
    • Added Vitamin A for eyesight
    • Added Vitamin D to ensure maximum calcium absorption
    • B-Complex Vitamins from Brewers Yeast and Biotin are added to help the body utilise food energy
    • Vitamin E and Selenium added for their antioxidant properties
    • 50g pack
    • Contains approx 23 servings

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