Animology Fox Poo

  • Fox Poo is a brand new shampoo that helps to remove the smell of stubborn fox poo and its foul odour from your dog's coat.

    As we all know it isn't just fox poo that dogs like to roll in - if it's sticky, muddy, or stinky a dog will roll in it!

    Fox Poo shampoo is not only tough on poo and odour, it will also enrich your dog's coat using Pro-Vitamin B5 and conditioners to transform your beloved pet from a stinky monster back into a wonderfully clean and fragrant member of your family.


    • Deep Cleaning
    • pH balanced
    • Deodorising
    • Built in Conditioner
    • Pro-Vitamin B5
    • Easy Rinse

    Instructions for use:

    Wet dog with warm water, rub in from the neck down, for best results leave lather on coat for approximately 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean warm water (Repeat if necessary). Dry with a towel. Avoid contact with eyes, ears, nose and other sensitive areas. If this occurs rinse with water.

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