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Ruffwear Turnup Rubber Throw Toy

Metolius Blue
Sockeye Red

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  • The Ruffwear Turn Up ball is almost round and it bounces all around – left, right, up and down. It's great fun and keeps your dog guessing as it could bounce anywhere!

    This interactive toy will keep your dog amused for hours. Compatible with most ball throwers it is perfect for long distance games of fetch! The hollow interior can also be filled with treats to keep your dogs attention and provide extra variety and stimulation. All in all a great toy!!


    • Sized like a tennis ball: 3 inches tall (76 mm), 2.5 inches in diameter (64 mm) 
    • Great for exercise and as a behavior reward tool 
    • Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable and sustainable source 
    • Stretchy, bouncy material is durable, resilient, and virtually indestructible 
    • Textured divots stimulate healthy gums and teeth 

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