Why Labradors Deserve the Best Dog Bed

Why Labradors Deserve the Best Dog Bed

Why Labradors are Number One

Ok, we admit a slight bias towards labradors, after all I am one myself. Forget about all those pesky spaniels, sausage dogs, Shepherds, Pugs and Greyhounds, there is only one king of the doggy castle and it is the black lab. Renowned world-wide for many reasons, some good some bad, we are officially the favourite family dog of choice. Like Donald Trump we are even big in the US, according to this well read dog blog. .

Now a lot of people would put this down to a genetic need for more food. A long time ago one of our fore fathers worked out that the nicer you are to a human being then the more likely you are to get more food. It is a fact, and if those other four-legged losers (Holly) haven't worked that out yet it is no wonder they have to go hunting through hedgerows or chasing sheep at the call of a whistle to earn their portion. 

Back to the dog beds

Enough self-appreciation, it's time you worked out why your lovely labrador deserves the best dog bed money can buy. As well as a propensity for glutony, we are also prone to Hip Dysplasia that makes our joints painful and weak. Partly due to our ability to keep on running and running, over time the cartilage in our hip joints wears away. This results in chronic pain in the hip, lameness and osteoarthritis. 

It is a sad state of affairs and not much can be done to prevent this in our later years. I have heard that weight loss is one solution, but no self respecting labrador would ever consider this! What's a little pain compared with the hell of a diet.

So back to the dog beds. To sooth the pain on our joints it is worth investing in a quality dog bed with lots of cushioning to help our hips. If you are worried about the money then just consider how much joy we bring to you and your family. Endless hours keeping the children occupied while you catch up on the latest Netflix box set. 

All dogs deserve a good night's sleep and lets not end it there, sometimes we deserve both a good night and day's sleep. Especially if we have been out on the town roaming the local collection of bins like I do occasionally. A well slept dog is a happy dog.

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How to choose the right Labrador dog bed

There are literally hundreds of dog beds on the market in a glorious array of colours and materials, so finding the right one can be hard. Here are the top 5 considerations for choosing the right dog bed for your labrador:

  1. Washable? - Is it easy to clean, your labrador like any other self respecting dog loves a good run. If there happens to be any mud in sight we like nothing more than a mud bath. I have to admit we also prone to making the odd smell and possible wetting the bed when older. So choose a dog bed that is easily washable. I have made some video showing how to clean our Country Dog waterproof dog bed which you might find useful. You can also choose an extra cushion to provide more support. 
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2. Will it last? Make sure you buy a bed that is going to last a long time. Popping down to Aldi for your labrador dog bed in the middle aisle isn't going to make you popular with your four-legged chum. Look to spend between £50 and £100 pounds for something that will be with you for a few years.

3. Has it got support? Does the bed provide a good amount of comfort in terms of the base layer or do you need to add to it. We have a range of cushions and duvets that make excellent support for older large dogs like Labradors. 

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4. Get the size right -In case you hadn't noticed, us Labradors come in lots of shapes and sizes. There are fat ones (generally older boys), thin ones (young and sporty) just right ones (me) and just downright strange looking things (mother met someone she shouldn't). All pet shops provide size guides including us at Dogs Dog Dogs We even created a size guide page for all our beds, so have look and it may help you out.


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That's enough from me, remember to follow our guide to buying your next dog bed for the greatest dog in the world, a Labrador. One day we will take over the world or at least all the comfy dog beds in it...

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