Berry, one of the founding pups of Dogs Dogs Dogs was a beautiful black labrador who loved to sleep as much as she loved to eat. Her favorite beds were from the Country Dog Collection and included the waterproof ones which suited her adoration of large muddy puddles and made our lives that bit easier. In honor of Berry, we have compiled a collection of dog beds suitable for Labradors of all shapes and sizes. 

If you have a labrador, you know how important it is to have the right bed to ensure they get a good kip in a warm and cosy part of the house. Not only should your labrador's dog bed be comfy but we believe it should fit in well with the furnishings of the rest of the home. This is why we have a vast collection of dog beds made from different materials and in a variety of colours. Enjoy the collection and if there is anything we can help with please get in touch. As experienced Labrador owners we know a thing or two. 

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