About us

Meet the pack

As you might be aware, this is no ordinary pet shop. That is because it is actually run by a pair of slightly barking dogs, named Holly and Berry. The pair first met on the floor of their masters' offices, trying to find things to do to occupy themselves while the humans tapped away at their keyboards. After a lot of sleep, some gentle walking (the humans are quite large and lazy), Holly and Berry decided to start a new company. 

After many hours thinking up names for the company they had a brainwave and decided on Dogs Dogs Dogs. It's a bit of a giveaway but they wanted to be sure absolutely no cats would get the wrong idea and visit their website. All of the products on here have been carefully chosen by the pair to suit DOGS and not cats. They have even offered a free cat chasing service to customers whose dog beds are regularly stolen by their feline housemates. 

Since we first wrote this, Berry has unfortunatly passed on to the kennel in the sky. She is greatly missed and will be remembered forever as the founder of Dogs Dogs Dogs. A new member of the team has now started in Berry's place, Hula is georgeous and playful and ready to get stuck into her roll as Holly's trainee.