Frequently asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions via the phone and our inbuilt messenger service. To save you time, we have listed them with our answers below.

Q: I have for years been buying the brand suffer and suffer for a oval bed to go into the plastic dog bed. Unfortunately they only do square now! When I googled the type of bed I'm looking for your company came up with this as an option Country Dog Heavy Duty Waterproof Oval Cushion

My dog gets hot although now she doesn't have her seasons anymore. And I'm worried with not being able to see material I'm going to end up with the wrong type for her

The brand sorry spell check was ruffer and tuffer !!

A: The Country Dog brand is made from a heavy duty waterproof material - they are really popular! They do not "rustle" like some waterproof materials

Q. Will the Country Dog Bed Waterproof bed keep my dog snug in the winter and cool in the summer. 

A: Because they are a waterproof material they tend to be a year-round favourite as the dog's own heat tends to keep them warm (if that makes sense)

Q 1 Hi, I'm looking to find a waterproof bed for my young puppy who is currently toilet training and frequently wets his bed. Instead of having to machine wash each time I was hoping to find a bed that I can literally wipe down and clean rather than the urine soaking into the filling. Are your beds actually waterproof as I've already bought a bed from another company that was misleading and soaked through Thanks

A: Yes they are as waterproof as possible. My labrador has the same issue and we clean it a lot. Nothing, however, is waterproof if you completely immerse it in water, as the stitching is done with cotton and cotton is obviously not waterproof. That said, wiping the cotton down is not a problem!

Q: Hi what size of bed do you recommend for two medium-sized labs

A: I have a medium sized lab and the large beds are perfect for a single dog. Depends if they like to stretch out while sleeping or to curl up. If they like to stretch then it may be worth going for the Jumbo, however if they're a curler then the Large will be perfect!

Q: Are the beds easy to clean?

A: Absolutely - the soft beds (ie not the waterproof ones) are all machine washable and if you take the centre cushion out, the rest of the bed folds into itself really easily, making it easy to put in a washing machine. We would always recommend washing a dog bed at 30 degrees and definitely do not tumble-dry it.

Q: Which is best, oval or rectangular for my dog?

A: This is entirely down to personal preference - the rectangular often fit better in rooms as they can go flush to a wall, however the oval are more traditional! It is also easier for a dog to stretch out in a rectangular bed.

Q: My dog Sometimes likes to play with her bed (she's almost 12 and you wouldn't know it!!!!) So she scratches it!!! How would the Country Dog Bed material hold up?

A: Absolutely - it is not chew-proof, however very tough - I have one in the back of my car and my dog likes to scratch it to try and make herself comfortable - it is still intact!

Q: I’m looking for a soft rope dog lead- what are yours made of?


A: Hi there - they are made from a very soft nylon

Q: I am looking for a dog bed that my dog cant tear or destroy. Have you got any.

A: Sadly no such thing as a rip proof dog bed (and don't believe anyone that says there's are!) That said, our toughest beds are the country dog and they are made from heavy duty ballistic nylon so as tough a dog bed as you can get!

Q: Finally, the Ruff and Tumble slip lead, can you use the popper to fix the neck length or does it get tighter round the neck?

A: You can't fix the neck length - the leather attachment stops it getting larger not smaller

Shipping Questions:

Q: Do you deliver to Spain?

A: Yes, we do and France and most other places in Europe.

Q: Would you ship to France?

A: it would be £15 to ship the bed to France - if you wantedd to go ahead you should be able to complete it via checkout now.