ICC British Bulldog vs Australian Cattle Dog

ICC British Bulldog vs Australian Cattle Dog

England Dogs vs Australian Dogs

In honour of the battle currently underway in Edgbaston today we thought we would showcase two of the playing teams National dogs. In case you weren't aware, it is the ICC Cricket World Cup Semi Final with Australia batting first against England. The office dogs are glued to the big screen in the office furiously chasing the little red ball in their heads, thnking how this should be agame for dogs anayway.

Cricket is a dogs game

After all it involves humans throwing balls at other humans holding large shiny sticks who are trying to protect their three smaller sticks stuck in the ground. What makes it even better is the three sticks have even smaller sticks on top and when the ball hits them they light up. Does that mean you can play stick chasing in the dark?

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The Australian Cattle Dog

As the Aussies went in to bat first today, we will start with the Australian Cattle Dog. As the name suggests this is a dog that was specifically bred for herding cattle in the outback. Just like most Aussies they won't do well being kept indoors. They love a good game and learn easily as a result. If not given enough exercise they can become frustrated and agressive and if pushed too far result in using sandpaper when the ball is thrown. As cricketers they might get in trouble for this behaviour and be banned for a year from playing games.

These dogs have lots of energy so if you are thinking of getting one be prepared to spend a long time in the field playing lots of games. They don't mind the heat as a result of their natural habitat in Australia.They are available in the Uk for around £1,000 so quite an expensive dog, especially if you don't have a herd of cattle! 

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The Great British Bulldog

The gentleman of the dog world, the British Bulldog is the very personification of Britishness. Often compared to our great Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, the Bulldog carries itself with an aloofness that wouldn't go amiss at Buckingham Palace. Something no Australian could ever hope achieve, on two or four legs.

Not as full of beans as a Cattle dog, the bulldog is happy to play but over shorter distances and definately not in the heat. Bulldogs enjoy a good game of tug of war with anything from a bedsheet to a frisbee. Unlike the cattle dog the Bulldog is happy to live cooped up in an apartment with less need for long walks. When it comes to cricket the bulldog would be more than happy just chewing the ball or dribbling on it until unplayable so no requirement for sandpaper.   

The Verdict

When it comes to sport, we think that the Australian wins hands down. Having enough energy to keep chasing balls for a five day test. As opposed to the bulldog who would rather be smoking a havana in the pavillion. The English dog comes into his own when it comes to some other sports. Rugby in particular needs an engine room and the Bulldog is pefectly suited to the front row where the action happens. 

Well done to the Cattle dog but we don't believe this will be reflected in todays semi final where the Aussies are out for 223.

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