5 important things when buying a dog bed


Woody the Springer SpanielBuying a bed for your dog, its easy right? Pick a size suitable for your dog and a colour you like and given the price is reasonable, you are good to go...well this isn't strictly true. There are a lot more contributing factors that should help ensure you really are picking the most important bed for your pooch. Many that can be compared to how we like to think as humans, different materials, colours, costs - the aesthetical side of a purchase. So how about the practical methodology?

We head into showrooms and like to test out different mattresses, different materials, different heights and personal preference aside, taking the time to consider any medical reasons such as a temperamental back, difficulty getting up from a low bed and many many more. The choice is broad, but it is essential you purchase the right bed for this is where you will spend a large portion of your time, and the same applies for the dog in your life. 

Here is our run down of 5 important factors we think you should consider when buying a dog bed for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Where to position your dog bedThink about the location of your bed...

... Because dogs feel the cold too! Think about the location of your bed, is it susceptible to drafts and cold air passing through? There are high wall beds that can help to prevent those unwanted breezes and help your dog to get settled in bed. By choosing the correct bed, you can help give your dog a better, uninterrupted sleep.

Cold flooring (plenty of cushion and/or raised off floor)

It is not unusual for dog's to set up camp in the conservatory or utility room and these are of course kitted out with easy to clean surfaces such as laminate floor, tile and liner. Unfortunately for your pets, these are often good concealers for the cold and should be a focus that will determine whether you get additional bedding or a raised bed, to keep the impact of the cold to a minimum.

How does your dog sleep?

Ridgeback AsleepThink about how your dog sleeps, do you have more than one dog? The sleeping position of your dog may dramatically affect the size and shape of the bed you require, also the material you decide will be best.  

Material of your bed

This draws a resemblance to the human mind; do you have a preference on material? Or perhaps the weather determines your needs. Do you want something that will keep the heat in, does your dog sleep in a warm room? If you are particularly active with your dog, you may want to consider a waterproof bed? These are typical questions you should be answering before rushing into a purchase.

For maximum comfort

As the weather changes, you may also want to consider some handy accessories that can help to make your dog 110% comfortable in their bed. You can get a range of fleece rugs, self-heating pads, water resistant and smell proof throws, even a range of spare covers, because let's face it, we all like the little home comforts.

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