We received this wonderful letter from one of our customers and thought we should share it with you. Scooby explains why he loves his new waterproof dog bed from Dogs Dogs Dogs and how much it means to him and his "Human".

My two-legged friend likes to take good care of me. He gives me tasty food, he takes me on walks, he even picks up my poop! It’s like I am royalty.

Muddy Dog

We go on special trips to the beach and the lake all the time, and I just love to play in the water or mud or sand. But then my human has to clean me for being a big ball of mess and I have to sit outside. This makes me very sad. I would bark and whimper outside, I was not ready to stop playing yet!

My human didn’t like to see my sad little face so he searched on this thing called the internet to make me smile again. One day, there was a big knock at the door and one of those guys with a white van and a cardboard box appeared with a present for that looked like it was for me!

What was this present? I had a sniff and a whiff but I didn’t know. My human opened the box and showed me, it was a huge dog bed just for me. Not only did it look comfy, it had special properties that I didn;t know would change my life! I was so happy that my tail was wagging like crazy, I could probably have lifted off into the air like a helicopter.

My human sat me down and told me about this new dog bed. He told me:

  • Scooby, this dog bed is waterproof. This is perfect because when you next play in the water or mud, you can sit on this and it won’t make a mess.
  • This dog bed is made from memory foam, Scooby! So your little butt will be nice and comfortable. It will last for a very long time as well.
  • The bed has a washable cover as well Scoob! It’s 100% polyester so it’s super easy to clean and really comfy too buddy. I wish my bed upstairs was like this.

I love my human so much, I had to show him thanks, so I slobbered all over his face. He pretends he hates it but I know he loves it. Now I am the happiest dog in the world. I can make a mess when I go outside, play in the sea, jump through puddles and even lie down in them and I don’t have to worry about where I can rest afterwards. I can get straight back into the house and onto my bed without a care in the world. 

If you are a human that owns a dog, you should think about getting your pet pooch a waterproof bed too! The fine pups at Dogs Dogs Dogs have a huge selection of dog beds and a range that includes waterproof cushions, waterproof crate pads and specially deep ones for you older dogs out there. 

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