Are Ruffwear Harnesses Good?

Are Ruffwear Harnesses Good?

Are Ruffwear Harnesses good?

As energetic outdoor dog owners, we are huge fans of the Ruffwear brand. In particular, the Ruffwear Front Range Harness is one of our favourite dog harnesses. A combination of supreme comfort, durability and visibility make the Ruffwear Front Range Harness a safe choice that will last for years. When you throw into the mix the Ruffwear Safety Beacon light, you get a set of dog gear that will ensure your puppy thrives through to old age without having to replace the gear every year.

You can watch Ruffwear's latest video showcasing the harness here:


What does Holly think about the Front Range Harness

Holly is an old paw at testing out our products and can regularly be found in her Ruffwear Harness when out for a waddle round the office. These harnesses come in a wide range of colours to suit all breeds. If you want to go the extra mile and match the harness to your dogs eye colour, I am sure you can find the right mix. What really appeals to Holly, is the look and feel of the harness. Ruffwear products tend to be the best made of all doggy products. Each harness has a good amount of padding to ensure a comfortable wear and to make it easy to put on and off.

Depending on the type of adventure you are on with your dog and which way they prefer to be walked you can adjust the harness settings to work for either push or pull. As a slightly trained Cocker Springer Spaniel, Holly prefers to pull her owner, to help him lose a few pounds. But if your dog prefers to be pulled along you can clip the lead onto the front of the harness.

Ruffwear Product Guide for Frontrange Harness

What Size Ruffwear Frontrange Harness for my dog?

All of our products come with a size guide, but here is the one for the Frontrange Harness. 

Both Hula and Holly are big on the pull aspect of walking so you need a harness that is strong enough to last and being a Ruffwear product, you can be assured it is good enough for all size of dog and not just the Spaniel and Terrier variety.

Matching Ruffwear product range.

One of the best things about Ruffwear is you can mix and match the colours of each product. For the majority of dog owners, you will stick to the same colour lead and harness. However if you are either a bit more funky or have just lost one lead and had to use another then Ruffwear quality will ensure that at least the lead or harness will be of the same strong material. The front range lead selection is well made and offers the same protection for handlers as it does for the dogs themselves. With a padded handle and long lasting polyester webbing that elevates the hand feel and ensures the colours last longer.

Other Ruffwear Harnesses

Ruffwear Webmaster Harness used by Emergency Services

Ruffwear have a range of beautifully designed products and it isn’t just down to our favourite the Front Range Harness. You can also buy the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness. Originally designed for use by Search and Rescue teams across the globe. The webmaster is the premium Dog Harness and is available in three colours.

What about the Frontrange Leads

The Frontrange Lead has a five point adjustable fit to accommodate dogs of all sizes and has a the Ruffwear reflective trim for added safety measures. As with a lot of our doggy products it is also easy to clean by hand washing in warm soapy water.  Available in multiple colours, it can be purchased to match any of your other Ruffwear Harnesses.

Combined with a Safety Light

Ruffwear Saftey Beacon

As the new puppy on the block, one of the first things Hula got to try out was the Ruffwear Safety Beacon. Easy to clip onto the harness or collar, the beacon shines a light around  your puppy to keep them visible in darkness. You can easily adjust the light to flash or stay bright. It is also fully rechargeable, just plug it back in when the lights warn of low battery. You can find out more about what Hula thinks here in the Puppy Diaries.


What customers think about The Ruffwear Front Range Harness

You can see what our customers think of the Ruffwear Front Range Harness by checking out our reviews.

Love my dogs new ruff wear harness, this harness are well worth the money. Only bought another one for a change of colour. They are also adjustable so make a really good fit.

Yvette, Medium Red Sumac Front Range Harness.

Very happy with this harness, although expensive it is well made and suits are dog perfectly.

Gracie is a cross whippet bedlington and slips her collar easily. She is safe and secure in her harness and the handle I thought of as a gimmick is extremely useful.

Delighted with the customer service I received from Dogs Dogs Dogs  and have recommended them to all our fellow puppy owners. An added bonus was that the product pricing was extremely competitive.

Ken & Kate

Extra Small, Redcurrant. 

If you want to know more about our Ruffwear range or which size or colour will best fit your K9 friend then please pick up the dog and bone and give us a call, or use the live chat available now on the website. 



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