Dachshund Dog Beds

Dachshund Dog Beds

Dachshunds have long been members of my family (Jim's) and we still maintain the link with Hula, our rescue puppy. She may not be 100% Dachshund, but she is certainly at least a half. Not that you could ever call a Dachshund a half a dog, they may look small but we know how well they uphold their rank in the household. they may look vetically challenged but don't be fooled, bred in Germany as Badger Hunters, they go after beasts 3/4 times their size. Not only that but down darkened tunnels. 

Dachshund Puppy sunbathing

A Dachshund Is also a very photographic puppy and loves nothing more than being present in every family photograph. They are also easy to travel with because of their size and love of a good nap. I remember my mother driving everywhere with our Dachshund on her lap under the steering wheel. Not something you would see these days but just so cute. I was never convinced that my mother had to steer. 

A Dachshund Dog Bed and Accessories Collection

At Dogs Dogs Dogs, we are firm believers in providing luxury dog goodies for your famliy pet because they deserve to be looked after. That is why we have chosen our best beds and accessories and put them in an easy to use collection. Dachshund Dog Bed and Accessories Collection. 

Dog bed size guide for Dachsunds

When choosing your dog bed for your Dachshund it is important to get the size right. Knowing how long your puppy is and how they sleep is a key component of choosing your bed. Some dogs sleep curled up into a tiny ball so you need a tiny bed and others, like Hula will stretch out on their backs and have their heads hanging off the edge of the bed most of the time. 

These friendly, energetic dogs make great companions. But their long bodies can make them a bit challenging to shop for when it comes to finding the perfect dog bed. Look for a bed that is wide enough for your dog to stretch out in but not too deep, as dachshunds are prone to back problems. A memory foam mattress is a good option as it will provide support for your dog's bones and joints. You may also want to consider getting a raised bed, which can help to prevent back pain. Make sure to choose a bed that is durable and easy to clean, as dachshunds are notorious for being messy eaters. And finally, don't forget to add a few toys and blankets to make your dog's new bed extra cozy.

Dachshund Dog Bed from Earthbound

The Earthbound Dachshund Dog bed. Made to cater specifically for your long dog. 

According to the website "I love Dachshunds" the two types of Dachshunds are roughly measured using the table below.  

Miniature Dachshund
Height: 13–18 cm
Weight: up to 11 pounds
Originally bred to: Hunt small prey like rabbits

Standard Dachshund
Height: 20–22 cm
Weight: 16–32 pounds
Originally bred to: Hunt badgers

Link to the original chart:

When looking for the right sized dog bed you need to first choose the design and then select from the smaller options. Don't forget they aren;t labradors so we don;t think they deserve a waterproof bed. They are looking for something a little snugglier like one of our earthbound selection. With a fury inner cushion and high sides they will be warm wherever you put the bed. 

Dog Bed Size guide


Blankets for Dachshunds

Dachshund Dog bed Guide

A lot of Dachshunds love to get cosy underneath a blanket. They do this because they were bred for hunting and love nothing more than being underground looking for prey. Being under a blanket replicates this feeling and makes them feel safe and secure. We use our blanket to put on the sofa for Hula. She loves the extra snuggness and doesn't leave dribble marks on the material. 

There are some really useful sites out there for fans of Dachshunds. If you are looking for a new dog we couldn't recommend them more as a family pet. Just remember they will end up running the house to their own schedule. You may find yourself superceded in order of priority when it comes to your children and the dog!

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