Digby Dog Wash Arrives at Dogs Dogs Dogs

Digby Dog Wash

As you know, Holly and Berry are keen explorers like most four-legged folk, especially Holly the "pheasant finder". Any decent spaniel or labrador will tell you there is no point avoiding a muddy puddle when you could just as easily run through and maybe have a sip to drink at the same time. The result of this messy dog behaviour is of course our range of waterproof dog beds from the likes of Country Dog, Earthbound and Danish Design as well as the ever useful dog drying coats from Ruff and Tumble. What many humans fail to understand is that if you get muddy the rage just bounces of our thick hides, what we are really after is a good old scrub down. You can combine any kind of wash with a good old belly tickle, which is why we have decided to stock a new top-notch shampoo, Digby Dog Wash

The hounds from Dogs Dogs Dogs are lucky enought to be located right next door to Bramley Products in Wiltshire. At Bramley, they have been making products for bathrooms that can now be found in most upmarket hotels and pubs in the UK for years. It all started at another local establishment which comes highly recommended to all dog owners, the Beckford Arms. Being dog owners themselves, they have branched out into the world of Dog Products to ensure their skin and hair are well protected by natural botanicals and essential oils.

Digby Dog Wash is is kind to your dog's coat and even gentler on your hands than the normal mass produced chemical washs you find in the supermarket. You can find the dog shampoo on our website and buy it in 3 sizes, depending on how many dogs you have and how often you like to wash them. The range includes a 50ml bottle for £4.00 through to a giant 5 litre container for £130.

Why not try some out with your latest purchase and have a sweet smelling pooch again....!

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