Exciting New Brands Including Earthbound and Hem and Boo Join DogsDogsDogs

We have been busy during the lockdown period adding loads of new and exciting brands and their products to the DogsDogsDogs website. Rather than lying down in our beds and enjoying a period of well-deserved rest, we have been chasing our tails like any good pair of puppies to find new brands that we like the look of and that sell quality dog products. It is not just dog beds either, you can now order bespoke Dog Tags on here and fill in the text as you order. 

What we are most excited about as dog lovers is the new selection of dog beds and cushions we have just added from well-known Doggy brands like Earthbound and Hem and Boo.

As with the majority of the dog beds we sell, they are handcrafted here in the UK and can be purchased without any shipping costs. The Earthbound dog beds are particularly well made with high sides to keep out any unwanted drafts. Especially important for the older dogs in our lives. We also have a huge range of cushions for your pet to give them either more support in their regular dog bed or as extra places for them to lie down around the house in comfort. 

We know from regular feedback that the style of the bed is all-important to both pet and owner. No-one wants to be sitting on the outside of a dog bed because it doesn't match the family tartan, so hopefully, we have enough of a selection now that you can get it right.  

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