We have had some good conversations about dog beds with our customers this week and thought the best way to help others is to share knowledge. When we get asked the same question twice it is time to put the answer online so you can find out all you need to know about your dog bed purchase before you commit.

Q 1: Do the sides of a Pets and Leisure and Country Dog Dog Beds stay upright over time? 

A 1: These P & L dog beds and the Country Dog ones are very well made in the UK and as such last for longer than most dog beds in their price bracket. In our experience, the sides of the dog bed stay upright for a long time. Our own tester in chief, Berry (medium to large Black Labrador) has had her large waterproof oval dog bed for over a year and it still sits upright. This is great news and considering she lies in it with her legs over the front most of the time, means the walls are sturdy. 

Waterproof dog beds

Q 2: Do the sides of the soft dog beds still stand after a long time?

A 2: One of our customers called in to talk about the Drop Fronted Fleece Snuggle Bed. She already owns the Pets & Leisure Premium Heavy Duty Basketweave Bed with Fleece Lining which she was happy to report had retained its shape (always good to have feedback) but she wanted to know if the snuggle was as good. Yes, we responded, although a little less strong because it doesn't have the inner fleece lining it still retains its shape in part due to the round structure of the dog bed.

Berry in the Fleece dog bed

Q 3: Can you fit a large Fleece P & L dog bed in the washing machine?

A 3: Yes, the joy of these beds is that you can remove the base cushion and roll the bed up so that it fits into the machine. You can then wash the base cushion separately or if your machine is big enough put it in as well. 

Replacement Dog bed matresses

Q 4: Do I have to regularly replace my dog bed?

A 4: No, it is not necessary to replace most of the beds on our website. Why, because the most important part of your dog's bed is often the base cushion. This is what protects them from a hard floor which is often cold. In older dogs, this can be problematic because of damage to limbs, Arthritis etc. We have a large supply of replacement cushions and mattresses for all our beds. To save you money, you can just replace the cushion and your dog will be none the wiser. 

If you have any more questions you would like answered please feel free to call us or use email. We are keen to find out about your experience with our pet beds and understand the best and worse bits so we can pass it on to the manufacturer. 

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