Keeping Wet Pets at Home

Winter has arrived and the temperature has dropped along with a regular downpour of the wet stuff. Great news if you are a labrador but not if you're human, especially if you are fond of your home and keep pets on white floors as we do at Dogs Towers. Berry is fonder of nothing better than a wet and windy walk through the muddy Dorset fields that surround our office and home. Not one to leave any puddle untouched, she regularly comes back imitating a chocolate labrador as opposed to a black one. 

Wet pets at Home

Along with the water comes the mud that seems to cover every surface and brings with it certain aromas that if not dealt with quickly can remain for the life of a carpet. This brings us to the reason we got into this business in the first place. On a quest to find the best dog beds for our puppies, we hunted high and low and singled out P &L waterproof Dog Beds and Country Dog dog beds. Made in the Uk out of high-quality materials that last longer than your average dog bed, these bad boys will allow your dog to dry whilst keeping the rest of your house clean. Any self-respecting dog would be happy to curl up and sleep away the cold in their range of multi-coloured dog beds. They come on a range of shapes and sizes to fit your pet including round, rectangular and some even have a drop front to let the older dog get in and out easier. 

Wet Labrador

Before your dog gets to jump into their heavy-duty waterproof dog bed you may also want to consider getting them dry. We used to have a towel hanging from a hook in the dog room but now we have the fabulous drying coat and mitten from Ruff and Tumble. This makes life so much easier and tidier, they also protect your hands from salty smelly water and your dog will look great while she or he dries. 

Wet dogs in car boot

You may also be thinking of how to keep your dog dry when travelling by car. Sometimes that local walk is never good enough for your puppy and a trip somewhere a bit more open is in order. That is why we have a huge selection of waterproof crate pads and dog mattresses. All you have to do is pop one in your boot for the winter and you can wash it whenever it gets too smelly. Simple rub down with a brush and some soap, then hose it over with a power washer. Be careful not to immerse it in water and it will serve you for years. 

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