Yes, it's that day again, the day where we discover where the most gullible and fed a yarn and they believe it for just a short time!

We thought it would be fun to look at the best pet related April Fool's Jokes we have come across.

Our favourite by a long way is...

1. The Ikea Hundstol Dog High Chair.

With one of these genius contraptions your dog will learn table manners and never feel left out again!

2. The Smile direct club have come up with a solution for dogs with crooked teeth - it announced the invisible aligners for dogs....

3. One of this year's favourites is from one of  he newest B Corp Brands, Vita Coco, the UK’s #1 coconut water brand has joined paw-ces with fellow B Corp and pet gut health gurus Scrumbles, to create a brand-new doggy drink, Coconut Pawater.

4.  Moonpig - Barking mad about your pet and want to know what they’re thinking? Moonpig aims to make the impawsible pawsible with its new pet translator feature. YES, this really is "fur-real" and you will soon be able to translate your pets bark or meow, meaning they can now put paw to microphone and record a message to their owner.

5. Finally - Honda are one of the first to announce that they have developed a front car seat especially for dogs - which sounds amazing - here are some of the features:-

- XXL seat base with scratch-resistant and water-proof material
- XXL seat bolsters to keep the dog safe in the seat
- Recessed spill-proof bowl holders
- Air-con vents built into the seat to keep the dog cool
- ISOFIX points for dog harness attachment
- Honda-branded harness

It also have the other upgradable features like

- Bowl holder inserts, so a human can use the seat
- Glovebox treat dispenser with snout-activated button
- 50/50 split meal/treat bowl
- In-built squeaker or toy (replaceable) sewn into

The sad reality to all these April Fool's jokes is that they are almost believable - especially the first or last ones! If we've missed your favourite out, then please let us know!

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