The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

The importance of keeping your dog hydrated

Have you had enough to drink today? Has your dog? Dehydration doesn’t only affect humans. Just like us, our dogs need to drink plenty of water to stay healthy and active. Water helps their bodies to function properly and flushes out any toxins from their blood that could make them sick. Getting enough water is especially important for dogs in the summer months, when warmer weather and often more time spent being active means that they need more water than usual to sustain them.

How much water should my dog drink?

The answer to this question really depends on the size of your dog. In cold or moderate temperatures, a general rule of thumb is that dogs should drink 50-60ml of water per kg of their body weight. The larger your canine companion, the more water they should drink. In fact, dogs over 75lb should drink at least 8-10 glasses each day in regular temperatures, which is the same as an adult human. However, in hot weather, dogs need 3 or 4 times their normal water intake to account for the fact that their body will be using more than normal. Speak to your vet to find out what is the optimal water intake to keep your furry pal healthy.

Signs your dog might be dehydrated

- Rapid heartbeat
- Dry, pale gums
- Unusual lethargy
- Loss of appetite
- Dry nose
- Panting
- Sunken eyes
- Vomiting with or without diarrhoea
- Loss of skin elasticity (pinch a small area gently between your fingers, the slower the skin returns to its original position, the more dehydrated your dog is)

Dehydration can quickly become life-threatening, so if you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, it’s crucial that you get them seen by your vet as quickly as possible.

How to rehydrate your dog

Tips for keeping your dog hydrated

Fortunately, there’s quite a few things you can do to keep your doggo drinking plenty. This includes:

Keeping their water bowl topped up. Monitor their water during the day, especially in hot temperatures when it could start to evaporate quite quickly.

Take water with you when you go out. If you and your dog are regularly on the go, remember to take bottled water and a collapsible travel bowl with you so they always have access to clean water no matter where you are. We have sa clever dog water bowl from Ruff Wear that you can buy from our website here...
Water bowl Travel Dog

Add water to their food. If you are struggling to get them to drink as much as you’d like, you can cheat by putting a small amount of water in their food. Adding a little water to dry kibble or tinned food is an easy way to increase your four-legged friend’s water intake without them even noticing.

Monitor how often they drink and pee. Since our dogs can’t tell us when they feel unwell or out of sorts, we have to monitor their behaviour. Keep an eye on how often your doggo drinks and the frequency with which they pee, and this will give you a good indication as to whether they are drinking enough.

Keeping your dog safe from dehydration this summer doesn’t have to be a challenge, but if you have any concerns, we strongly recommend that you speak to your vet right away.

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