Hula, our rescue pup from Romania has settled in well over the last two weeks. She arrived from Europe on Thursday the 13th January, she is now into her second week and discovering who her friends are and who she doesn't like at all (me). Hula's new home is in Dorset, where she is surrounded by beautiful countryside and loving family with two teenagers who have fallen head over heels in love with her. As the father of this family it falls to me to report that I feel slightly replaced, especially by my wife who now regards Hula as her best friend that she takes everywhere. 

The Puppy Diaries

Hiding the pheasant

Hula has visited the local vet, who gave her the thumbs up, as every passing stranger seems to. She is, I have to admit, very pretty and fairly peaceful, until I walk into the room.

As part of the Puppy Diaries team, she has been busy trying out a variety of doggy products from the Dogs Dogs Dogs store. The first to pass the test is the stuffed Migrator Plush pheasant. So popular is this dog toy that we have never seen it again. Hula, immediatly hurried out to the garden to bury the poor bird. She has doen the same with 2 of these birds now and we hope they reappear one day soon. Apparently the activity of a street dog keeping treasure to themselves. 

Puppy with pheasant toy

Having quickly run out of toys, we started on gentle walks through the village to accustome her to strangers. In the dark, Hula took to wearing the Orbiloc, Dual safety Light. Her chosen colour of red ensured she stands out to walkers and drivers alike. It should also spell out, beware the princess in my opinion. 

Orbilok Dual Light Beacon

Hiding from me...

Hula has taken a shine to just about everyone in our village, even the postman. She however hasn;t taken a shine to me yet. It is quite sad to think that someone as tall dark and handsome as myself must have abused her in some way in the past. Or is it just me being a big lump. One of her favourite hiding places i snow under the kitchen island which has small gaps you can get into if you are puppy shaped. See photo below...
Puppy Hiding from sight

Happy Rescue Puppy

We really do hope she is happy and her waggy tail is quite something to see. She is also getting very relaxed in our company as you can see from the below photo. Never one to shy away from a good old upside down leg spread is Hula. Watch this space to hear more from Hula and her Puppy Diaries. 

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