These dog beds are simply the Bees Knees (according to our Barketing dept)

We have a growing selection of dog beds for sale on our website and love every one of them. They range from a drop fronted fleece bed for the skinnier whippet through to the heavy duty waterproof bed for your bigger bruiser. So today Holly and Berry thought they would share with you some of the best bits of their Pets and Leisure dog bed selection and show you why we think they are the Rolls Royce of dog beds.

The girls are always on the lookout for handsome dogs who also have a roomy and comfortable bed to share. Especially Berry who has been a little bit lonely of late, having been turned down by Reg (the bad boy on the right in the photo below) from the House of Hounds Hotel last month. So when you are looking for your new bed just bear in mind Holly and Berry may well be looking for a new partner and the bed is often one of the key influencers!

Check out the fluffy, cosy sherpa fleece on this Pets & Leisure Premium Drop Fronted Sherpa Fleece Snuggle Bed. Berry loves the colour as well, which hides any mud from her owners OCD eyeballs and helps her avoid yet another hosepipe wash down!

Pets & Leisure Premium Drop Fronted Sherpa Fleece Snuggle Bed

Forgive us if we wax lyrical about these beds, but the heavy duty waterproof dog beds from Country Dog really do save the day when it comes to a mucky pup like Holly who likes nothing more than running through bushes and puddles in search of pheasants. You can see from the image below the detail that goes into them. Stitched together in the UK by our friends from Country Dog they are durable and long lasting.Country Dog Heavy Duty Oval Waterproof Bed

Last but not least the Pets and Leisure Luxury Heavy Duty Basketweave Oval Bed. A work of art in the eyes of Berry and if she is ever allowed near one then she will make it hers for life. That is not only because her black lab hair will change the colour of the bed forever but because it just looks so woofingly good. This bed is handcrafted and uses only the best upholstery grade fabric. To round it off, the thick base cushion will give support to her ever weakening hips. An important point for any ageing labrador. 

Pets and Leisure Luxury Heavy Duty Basketweave Oval Bed

If you or your puppy like the look of any of these fantastic Pets and Leisure dog beds then why not have a hunt around our shop to see which ones suits your dog the best.

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