The management of Dogs Dogs Dogs are delighted to announce the launch of a new product range today with the addition of the worl famous outdoor hound brand Ruffwear, Inc. Tails have been wagging, water bowls tipped over and lunch devoured before breakfast here at Dogs Dogs Dogs HQ. Why are Holly and I getting so excited, you ask?. Here at Dogs Dogs Dogs we know how important it is to have high-quality accessories for your dog which is why we are now stocking durable, hard-wearing products from the Ruffwear range. From collars, leadsand coats to backpacks, dog toys and even rechargeable collar lights yes you read that right, rechargeable dog lights

We have been busy watching the Ruffwear video and loved seeing all the dogs having fun in the rivers, snow and forests of what looks like North America. Lucky them, it only snows here very occassionally and the last time it did Holly got lost and Berry had to dig to find her. 

Who are Ruffwear, Inc?

Founded in 1994 in Bend, Oregon in the USA by Patrick Kruse, an outdoor adventurer. The brand started a couple of years earlier with the launch of a canvas waterbowl which Patrick developed having seen a friend trying to give his dog some water in the park using a plastic bag. The birth of a new Dog product was born and after a year or two travelling the USA to shows and exhibition he had generated some serious sales. Moving to Bend the company then saw exponential growth with the development of weven more outdoor dog products. 

What is our Favourite Ruffwear Product?

The Front Range Harness from Ruffwear is far and away the dogs favourite Ruffwear product. New and improved for 2020, this is a dog harness built for everyday use. The great thing about this particular harness is the flexibility it offers. There are four points of adjustment to the harness which means it fits snuggly and comfortably offering the best possible custom fit. There's also two lead attachment points depending on how you are walking your dog and how much control you want.

The harness is minimal and lightweight allowing plenty of room for movement for running and general movement. It comes with the excellent Ruffwear V-ring for security and reinforced webbing on the chest which also makes this harness ideal for training, additional control and for those more adventurous dogs who put their equipment through its paces!

You can also stow away your dog's ID tags in a convenient pouch to stop them jangling and reflective trim maintains high visibility in low light levels. 

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

Bend,Oregon has the perfect mix of outdoor adventrue for a brand like Ruffwear including Deserts, Mountains and Rivers. Not quite the same as Wiltshire, where we have the odd hill, a couple of nice looking lakes and some sand in the childrens play pit. We do however have the same volume of dog lovers who like nothing more than to enjoy the great outdoors with their best friend. 

The Ruffwear brand continues to grow and has taken to Dogs Dogs Dogs like a puppy to a treat. We are very much looking forward to building on the relationship and giving our customers the type of quality products that they have become used to from Dogs Dogs Dogs. We wish Ruffwear all the best and together we will keep helping dogs and their owners enjoy planet earth. 



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