You know you are a Spaniel Owner when...

You know you are a Spaniel Owner when...

Holly has been asking us for a long time now to do a specific blog on Spaniels. As one herself, she understands the in's and out of being a mad dog and wants to help ensure new dog owners, understand just how crazy and lovely spaniels can be.

Cocker Spaniel

Spaniels are wonderful creatures are absolutely brimming with energy, and widely known for being amongst the most affectionate dog breeds known to man. So whether a loopy Working Cocker rules your roost or if you’re the proud owner of a cuddly Cavalier King Charles, here are just some of the tell-tale signs that you’ve officially joined the crazy club.

Here are our top 20 reasons that will make you understand you own a cocker:

  1. Chewed up tennis balls can be found all over the house
  2. You spend your evenings combing long ears in front of the TV
  3. The postman has a handful of treats ready when you answer the front door. The postman knows the drill
  4. The tops of your jeans are usually decorated in paw prints before you leave the house
  5. You have to buy special food and water bowls – or devise other methods for keeping those ears clean and dry
  6. A doorbell ringing causes complete mayhem
  7. The sunniest spot in your garden is always occupied
  8. Your windowsills have paw prints on them

Muddy Spaniel Paw Prints

  1. Your windows have slobbery nose prints on them
  2. Your kids grew up accustomed to being knocked over by enthusiastic wagging. And being licked a lot
  3. You can’t even sneak off to the loo without an audience
  4. But there’s always someone who loves you lying at your feet, or keeping your spot on the sofa nice and warm
  5. Being stared at while you eat is totally normal
  6. Being drooled at while you eat does not phase you anymore
  7. You consider taking out shares in ear drops
  8. Any other breed of dog seems so incredibly... calm

SPaniel in the snow

9. Wagging tail = entire wagging body

10. You spend more money with the mobile dog groomer than you do at the hair salon

Washing a Spaniel

11. The sound of a lead or whistle being picked up causes off-the-scale levels of excitement: shaking, whining, bouncing and barking

12. Nobody bothers wearing white trousers to your house anymore

13. You can tell a Springer from a Cocker and a Cavalier from a Clumber with your eyes shut.

We hope that has satisfied Holly and any Spaniel owners out there. At Dogs Dogs Dogs, we have a huge selection of Dog Beds, Leads and Collars and of course toys to satisfy the needs of any self respecting Spaniel. 

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