Danish Design Dog Drying Robe - Green

  • Made from a soft cotton double sided towelling fabric for superb drying ability, the easy to fit coat is perfect for avoiding a wet shake off after walks or bathtime, and can be worn in the car to protect against mud after those outdoor adventures.

    A great drying solution that doesn’t restrict your dogs movement, the Dog Robe can also be soaked with water in warm weather and worn to keep dogs cool – an added bonus.

    For the perfect fit, measure your dog from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail. The velcro fastenings around the neck and middle are adjustable to fit a range of pets.

    This dog coat should be worn under supervision, and the velcro straps should be fastened snug to keep the coat in place, but not too tight to avoid rubbing.

    30cm – Coat measures 30x64x1cm
    Fits chest size from 44 to 50cm & neck 25cm

    40cm – Coat measures 40x75x1cm
    Fits chest size from 50 to 70cm & neck 29cm

    50cm – Coat measures 50x89x1cm
    Fits chest size from 54 to 76cm & neck 37cm

    60cm – Coat measures 60x102x1cm
    Fits chest size from 58 to 92cm & neck 39cm

    70cm – Coat measures 70x110x1cm
    Fits chest size from 68 to 100cm & neck 43cm

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