Remember the last time you brought a bed for yourself? How much time did you put into it, where did you look and did you test it before you brought it? All good questions when buying a bed for a human and if you like dogs as much as we do then even better here are some questions to answer when choosing a dog bed for your four-legged friend.

How to choose a dog bed

Never forget that your dog will probably spend more time in its bed than anywhere else. The average dog sleeps 12-14 hours per day, depending on size and breed. That's 4-6 more hours than most humans get, so be prepared to think carefully when choosing your dog's bed. Don't just worry about how easy it is to clean or what it looks like. Ask yourself what your dog thinks and how it will affect the better part of their day.

5 questions your dog might ask when you are looking for their new dog bed. 

  1. Is there enough room for me to run in my sleep? When I sleep my legs move vigorously while I chase sheep and cats through the fields at night? A lot of dogs have vivid dreams and often their legs will pound

    like they are running in their sleep. So think about space for movement and durability, bigger dogs will run lots of miles causing friction on the dog beds surface.

  2. I often wet the bed, is it easy to clean? When puppies have accidents at night they often just stay where they are. This doesn't mean they are happy to sleep in their own mess, so a quick clean up is a good idea. Is the waterproof bed really waterproof, can you hose it off or does it fit into the washing machine or tumble drier.

  3. We live in a drafty house, will it keep me warm? Dogs feel the cold too, so when choosing your next dog bed, ensure it will keep them warm. A lot of houses have drafts and sometimes this is where the dog is put. If there is no choice then consider buying a dog bed with high sides to keep the draft out.Alternatively, a raised dog bed may keep them away from the cold floor.

  4. I love to get as muddy as possible when walking/running, will it smell? Forget the city dog, what about the country bumpkin who is never happier than when covered in mud, fox pooh and a good dose of cowpat. Will the dog bed you choose to survive the daily assault from this mixture of covering. Ensure the material won't hold the smell and make your house stink. Choose a waterproof dog bed to keep both your house and your dog smellingsweet


  5. My budget is tight, how much should I spend on the next bed? As with any product you buy the more you spend often dictates how long it will last. Spending a little more on your dog's bed should ensure you get something that will last longer than a few years. Remember 12-14 hours spentevery day in a dog bed is a lot of time for wear and tear to become apparent. Go to the shops and have a good touch and feel of the different qualities of dog bed available before you buy. Look at the stitching and feel howthick the material is before making your dog bed decision.

Choosing your dogs next bed

Hopefully, these questions will help you complete a successful purchase of your dogs next bed. Never forget as your best friend he or she deserves to be treated like a human, if not better. Get a dog a good bed and the dog will not have to sleep in yours.

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