November 08, 2018 2 min read

We are very excited about going live with the new Dogs Dogs Dogs website. So much so that we think it is time to introduce the quality assurance team who will be testing all of our products before they go live. Together as a team, we want to assure our customers that we have first-hand knowledge of every product and that we have chewed, slept and generally messed up all of the product lines on this website.

Introducing Holly

Dog bed testing

Holly is a clever little bitch, who takes pride in getting as dirty as she can whenever she goes for a stroll in the woods. On most weekends during the winter she can be found darting in and out of any nearby bushes flushing out any shy birds that may be hidden within. Never one to keep still for more than a second at a time, she can also be found jumping up and down from lap to lap in the Dogs Dogs Dogs office.

Favourite food includes pheasant casserole followed up with a large bowl of ice cold H2O.

Holly's favourite product is the small soft bed which she enjoys resting in for over 14 hours a day. She is on the lookout for a strong boy, preferably with long ears and says she has a thing for long eyelashes.

Quality tester number 2 Berry is her arch nemesis because Berry is bigger and takes a fancy to Holly's bed. Even though it is for small dogs. Next time Berry tries that on Holly is going to eat Berry's lunch and laugh all day long.

If you want to talk to Holly about her thoughts on the pet market then please call the office on Woof Woof Woof.


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