October 15, 2021 3 min read

As the nights begin to draw in, it’s time to get used to the feeling of dark evening walkies again with your four-legged friend…. Here at DDD HQ, we wanted to share some of our tips with you about how to stay safe and visible whilst you are out and about this autumn.

There are two areas to address – firstly can you see your dog, and secondly, can your dog see you? As silly as it sounds, younger dogs may panic if they lose sight of you when you are out walking at night so it is imperative that you have a torch (most of us have a mobile phone torch nowadays) just to avoid any panic.
Most importantly, can you see where your dog is when they are not at your side? If you cannot, then it’s really time to think about “lighting them up” – whether that be through attaching a light to their collar or harness or getting them a Hi-vis jacket. In line with this, should you be walking near roads, having extra light or reflectiveness on your dog will help drivers to spot you or your dog.

We thought it may be helpful to highlight a couple of different options that we recommend at Dogs Dogs Dogs. We only stock the best lights and jacket for your dog as we firmly believe that spending a few extra pennies on a good product is much better than the alternative that could happen if you were to lose your dog… ☹

Ruffwear Track Hi-Vis Jacket

We love this jacket – it is definitely one of the best out there (as far as we are concerned!) – it very simply comes in three different sizes, which means there is limited faffing around while you choose the correct size! It’s definitely not the cheapest hi-vis jacket you will come across, however you are paying for 3m reflectiveness, full adjustability on the fit, loops to attach the Beacon (other lights are available!) and most importantly, it’s made from a strong, durable material.

Orbiloc Safety Light
Holly has had one of these for about four years now, they are waterproof, bright,

come in a variety of colours and you can get various attachments so you can choose whether to put on your dog’s collar or their harness. Orbiloc have introduced a carabiner attachment so that the light can hang down from their collar which is great for long-haired dogs

The Orbiloc is visible up to 5 km, 100 % waterproof (Holly often wears hers in the river!), impact-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. This makes it well suited for every type of adventure!

Ruffwear Beacon

The Ruffwear Beacon is improved from year to year and is an old favourite of ours. It is low profile and hangs from your dog’s collar or harness or it has a clip for attaching to harnesses, coats etc. It too is waterproof and the one light has three different colours built in (red, green or blue) and has three different flashing modes – permanently on, fast flash or a slow flash. It is also visible for up to 5km, so plenty of chance to see your dog in the distance (hopefully not too distant though!)


If you are not sure about which of the above is best for your dog, then please do pick up the phone to a member of our team and we’d be happy to help!

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