October 18, 2021 2 min read

 We all love travelling with our best friends in the car. Sometimes it means putting them inthe boot to ensure their safety, especially when the car is full of screaming children. So why not make your dog comfortable and safe at the same time. At Dogs Dogs Dogs we live and breathe dog and Holly is always here to remind us that we should ensure her pals in the dog community are happy. 

Holly Spaniel decided that we needed to help our customers to fidn the right sized dog crate for each car. Most cars are somehow different in size to the next one or the one you ownwed before. Which is why it is super impoartant to check the measurements of your boot before buying. 

We now have a range of car crate from Savic and understand that there can be problems identifying the best one. The most common problems include not taking itno account the slope on the side of the car and the gap between the back window and the ledge that surrounds the boot. In this video we aim to help you understand where it can go wrong and help you find the right sized crate.

Don't forget it isn't just a cage, this is also a place where dogs can feel safe and spend a lot of time. So why not check out our range of crate pads that fit snuggly in the bottom of dog crates. Then you could always go a step further and buy them a toy specifically for the car boot. in Holly's case this is a warn out tennis ball because she knows when the boot pops open, she gets to have some fun.  If you have any questions about our dog crates and how to measure your car please get in touch. 

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