How do you keep your dog comfortable on long car journey's? This week we are looking at our selection of dog crate pads and dog mattresses to see what the best solution is. There are tonnes of dog accessories on the market, from dog seat belts through to anti-spill water bowls but we won't worry about those for now.

The humans spend thousands of their pounds (rhymes with hounds) on leather seats, headrest TVs and even a nice pair of gloves to grip the steering wheel. From a dogs point of view, we are very rarely allowed near the seats, let alone would be seen dead with paw gloves on when we go for a walk. 

99% of dogs are relegated to the boot/trunk of a car to slide back and forth as the human attempts to imitate those noisy cars from the TV that interrupt my Sunday afternoon snooze. Well, the answer is here. Our friends at Pets and Leisure and Country dog have been busy making crate pads and mattresses for even the most discerning dog. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

Dog Mattresses for labradors.

Waterproof heavy duty country dog duvet

Being a labrador and not trusted to avoid every puddle in site, Berry has a waterproof crate pad to match her waterproof dog bed. She no longers spends hours skidding back and forth across the car boot as her owner rallies through the back roads of Dorset. It also makes it easy for her owner to whip the dog mattress out of the car when they get home and give it a spray with the hose to keep it clean and stop the smell invading the car. She recommends the heavy duty waterproof dog duvet from Country Dog. 

Dog Duvet for a Spaniel

Waterproof dog matress with spaniel

I (Holly Spaniel) am a little bit more refined than that overweight princess and prefer a softer duvet. However my owner has other ideas and if I get a little bit overexcited by the pheasants of Dorset, I am relegated to the waterproof version. Don't get me wrong it's still quite comfortable but not the best thing for a lady. As you can see from the photograph, his nibs just chucks his boots in as well which means I get a battering when he drives too fast. 

At home I am allowed to relax and unwind on my Pets and Leisure luxury heavy-duty basketweave Duvet. The joy of this puppy is that it is machine washable so easy to keep clean and smelling fresh. In the summer I sometimes chose this over my dog bed for a quick kip, because it lets the cool air wash over me.

If you want to find out more about the dogsdogsdogs selection of dog duvets and mattresses then why not use messenger or give us a call. The team will be more than willing to help you out with any of your queries. 


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