How to choose the right dog bed for a Labrador

How to choose the right dog bed for a Labrador

Much to your envy, your labrador spends more time sleeping than you. It is therefore vital that you choose the right bed for them so that they can be comfy and sleep well – otherwise they'll be stealing your side of the bed or favourite spot on the sofa!
With so many different styles of dog bed out there, it can be difficult to choose one your labrador will love; hopefully, this guide will help.

Consider your dog's size and weight

Obviously, a bed that's ideal for a Chihuahua is not going to be suitable for a big labrador, which is why you must measure your dog to ensure you purchase the right size bed. If you're not sure how to do this, check out our guide on how to measure your dog for a bed.

Larger, heavier dogs will require a sturdier, thicker and more durable bed than smaller dogs, too.

Choose a dog bed that can be washed easily

No matter what type of dog you have, it's vital that it's easy to wash, as the bed will need to be cleaned at least twice a month. This will help get rid of dirt and keep fleas and bad odours at bay. Some beds are completely washable, whereas others have removable covers that can be put in the washing machine. Remember to have a back-up bed for when your dog's main bed is drying – you don't want them to have to sleep on the floor.

Study how your Labrador likes to sleep

Does your dog love to stretch out, or do they prefer to snuggle up to something? Do they sleep on their side, front or back? The sleeping preferences of your dog are important, as this will help you determine how much room and support they need. For example, if your labrador loves to sleep on their back, they'll need a firm but soft mattress that supports their spine. Even if they don't sleep on their back the whole night, they still need that extra support for the moments when they do.
Some dogs have a tendency to move a lot during their sleep. If your dog likes to dream of chasing rabbits, then bear in mind they'll need plenty of room to move their legs around – you don't want them to wake themselves up by kicking the side of their bed.

For dogs that want to feel safe and cosy

If you've noticed that your dog likes to cuddle up to your sofa cushions, teddy bears, and well, anything it can get its paws on, then a bolster or donut bed is ideal. The cushioned sides are perfect for your dog to rest their head on, and they'll make your pet feel protected from all angles. If your dog often gets frightened or nervous when you approach it from behind, a bolter bed may help it sleep easier.

For labradors that love the outside

Wet and muddy labrador

Most Labradors love nothing more than to run around outside in the rain or roll around in the mud? If so, a waterproof bed may be the best option, as they are easy to clean. Plus, these beds also stop your floor from becoming muddy, soggy and smelly.
Waterproof bedsare also ideal for older dogs with incontinence problems, due to the fact their easy to clean and will protect your floor.
For older or unwell dogs
Older dogs with arthritis or pets that have recently undergone an operation need more support than the average dog. Memory foam beds provide that support, as they are soft, firm and reduce pressure on your dog's joints and muscles. Of course, dogs of all ages and sizes will love the feeling of memory foam, so these beds are worth the extra pennies.

For labradors that like to stretch out

If your dog likes to stretch out in their sleep, then a big rectangular dog bed may be the right choice for them. Because they have no sides to them, your dog won't feel restricted in any way and is free to move around as much as they like. For this reason, they are also great for active dogs, as they won't knock their legs against anything during the night.

For dogs that get too hot/cold

Raised dog beds help keep your dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As the name suggests, they are raised from the floor, which means during the summer, your dog has plenty of ventilation and is able to keep cool. If your dog sleeps in a room with a non-carpeted floor, a raised dog bed will also ensure they're not cold during winter.


Dogs don't really care what their bed looks like (unless they are picky like Berry) – they just want it to be comfy. The colour of the dog bed you choose is up to you, but most people tend to pick a design that goes with the room it will be placed in. You might not want a bright blue bed in a coffee-coloured hallway, for example.
Do remember that the type of material your dog's bed is made of is important, though. There is little point buying a bed made out of a soft and easily-destroyed material if your dog has a tendency to chew.

Chewed dog bed

Labrador Dog Bed Size Guide Video by Berry

We know how hard it is to select the right sized dog bed for your best friend, so Berry has created this short video to help you out. She chose her favourite dog beds to start off with, the Earthbound Luxury Sherpa Fleece Bone Bed. This navy blue dog bed has a thick central cushion and of course the obligatory Bone to keep all dogs happy.


Choosing the right dog bed really can make a difference to their health and happiness. After all, we all know how important it is to get a good night's sleep. Hopefully our guide has made this task a little easier, but if you still need some help, don't be afraid to get in contact with us.

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