FatFace De Lux Slumber Beds Reviewed by Holly

Being your own boss has it ups and downs, for Holly the Chief Technical Dog here at Dogs Dogs Dogs, there is no better day than the "test drive a dog bed" day. Today was one of those, a day devoted to sampling some of the range of dog beds available here at DDD. The choice for this month were the fabulous De Luxe Slumber beds from FatFace. We had had three of these puppies in the office for Holly to review and she lost no time in checking them all out. 

As any good dog knows when offered several beds, NEVER stick to a single one. Have a thorough go in each one before you decide to make your choice. These luxurious dog beds come in a range of beautiful patterns including: 

1. The FatFace Marching Dogs De Luxe Slumber bed

2. FatFace Meadow Floral Deluxe Slumber Bed

3. FatFace Penguin Check Deluxe Slumber Bed

FatFace Penguin Check Deluxe Slumber Bed

Holly was delighted by them all but took a clear shine to the Marching Dogs Dog Bed from FatFace. We have lots of soft dog beds to choose from on the website but have to agree with her that the most comfortable ones you can buy have to be the FatFace Dog Beds. 

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