September 10, 2020 1 min read

Not only was it Test Drive a Dog Bed Day this week, but it turns out it is also Test Drive a Dog Drying Coatday as well. According to Holly our Chief Technical Dog that is. She was so excited about spending the day lounging about in our FatFace De Luxe Slumber Beds that she decided to take things a step further and try out Berry's Dog Drying Coat from Ruff & Tumble. Bear in mind that Berry is a large Labrador and the Dog Drying Coat is an XL Holly still took up the challenge. 

If you are looking for a Dog Drying Coat for your dog or puppy then we have a fabulous selection from Ruff & Tumble for all shapes and sizes. The collection started a few years ago with just two sizes on offer and two colours. Now you can even get them for a Dachshund in 3 Dachshund specific sizes and Country Collection Colours with a faux leather trim. If you want to see Holly try on more Dog Products then let us know. She is more than happy to give anything a go as long as there is a treat or a pheasant at the end of it. 

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