Hula, if you didn't know is our rescue puppy from Romania. She came over to the Uk in January and has spent the last few month settling into life here in Dorset. You can read here first story here, about how she was soo nervous to start with, especially around men. 

Puppy in the grass

The good news is she has become the number one in our family. The children have been replaced and she now runs the house like she was born here.

In the first few months of her moving in, she spent the majority of her time hiding under sofas and desks around the house and wouln'd say hello to most visitors. She now welcomes almost anyone who comes into the room and is much more at home on the sofa than under it. 

Scrabble Dog

Puppy Scrabble

The Jubilee weekend exposed her to a lot of noise and crowds when she paraded through the village in her royal hat. She has even joined us at the scrabble table to give her opinion on how the triple word score works when crossed twice by the same word. 

Puppy on the Sofa

Puppy on the sofa

As you can imaging she has also been lucky enough to have her choice of doggy goodies from our extensicve range of dog beds, leads, collars, toys and of course snacks. Her food is taken from the office supply of Forthglade, topped up with some biscuits. 

Why you should take a rescue Puppy

If you are considering a rescue puppy, we couldn't recomend it more. You have to be patient and loving but the rewards are worth it. Taking her to the beach or for a walk in the wide open countryside of Dorset is a joy. You can see it in her eyes that everything is a new experience. Compared to the inner city life of growing up in Romania and being afraid of everything. 

You also have to be careful to understand what upsets her. We think she must have been beaten as a pup by a man with a stick. At any time she gets approached by us with an umbrella or even a cricket bat she cowers. All we get in return is a loving puppy who likes nothing more than a tummy tickle and a gallop through the countryside. 


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