Sunday morning and there's never a better time to paws for thought and look back at what has been a pretty hectic week at Dogs Dogs Dogs. We have been busy preparing for a photo shoot, not a lot of dogs know how much work this entails. You can take your sheep trials or following the hunt and count them as a walk in the park by comparison. 

Golden Retriever Dog Bed

This is real work, we have had to find locations for the shoot, models, hairdressers, and even the odd vet to squeeze my friend Berry's glands from time to time. On Wednesday we had a trial run at Berry's house which turned into a bit of a disaster. One of our Golden Retriever model dogs had bought his young friend, a black lab puppy along to the location. Needless to say, the lab puppy couldn't control his excitement and delivered both a number one and a number two package onto a pale carpet. The owner of the house was none too pleased which led to another location being scratched from the list.

Luckily we came across the perfect venue, in the form of a luxury dog hotel in Wiltshire. As you can imagine there is no issue there with unloading in public, its a regular occurrence. In fact, when we opened the door to the property we were immediately greeted by that unmistakable odour of a scholarly dump in the boot room. So proud of his feat, the guilty Dachshund even took to Instagram to show off his prowess. 

Proud Dachshund

He really was a gorgeous host, with lovely golden brown fur and a handsome face to boot. Alvin the Dachshund is actually a mix of Chocolate Labrador and Dachshund, which makes for a slightly insane boy, one whom I have my eye on for a drink with after the shoot. Hopefully, our tongues might touch when sharing a bowl, then I will know if mini Holly's might be on the cards.

Berry at Portland Bill

Meanwhile, on the other side of Dorset, Berry has also been working as a location scout. She headed south to the Isle of Portland where she managed to get a selfie of her underneath the lighthouse. I have to confess, this didn't look like work to me and when she returned to the office she admitted it was just an excuse for a bit of sea air and an alternative walk. It goes without saying I was a little bit jealous but then again there are no pheasants on Portland so I would have been at a loss as to what to chase, maybe seagulls?

Children's dog bed

In other news, Bea, one of Berry's close friends and owners had her birthday. Not happy with her human presents, she decided to try out one our fleece dog beds. Needless to say, she fell in love immediately and left her parents slightly confused when she cuddled up to watch Doctor Who in a Fleece Dog bed on the sofa. 

Thank you for following and if you want to find out what's been going on at the greatest dog company in the world, then tune in next week. Dogs Dogs Dogs, So good they named it thrice.

Yours, Holly

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