It's Been Raining Cats and Dogs - New Product - Dog Drying Coat

You know the old expression, it never rains but it paws. At DogsDogsDogs we now have the solution for those days when things never seem to go right. The team are barking for joy at the news that we have secured some lovely new drying coats from the people at Ruff and Tumble.

Muddy dogs  

"Any puddle is a good puddle!" Holly Spaniel

We all know how much dogs love to get wet and muddy if the chance arises. Owners across the world get so angry when puppies and their friends manage to get themselves soaked from head to tail in dirty water on a walk in the park. Any dog worth its hair will know how to get drenched within seconds of being unleashed. There is something magnetic about dirty water to a dog that doesn't apply to other animals, especially those dreadful cats...

Dog surfing a wave

Don't even start me on a nice quiet trip to the beach, who can resist all that salty water, crowds of people and best of all the surf. Then you hop up into the boot of your car and sit there stinking and shivering for however long it takes to get home. With our new products, you'll never have this worry again.

The answer is to get your paws on one of these dog drying coats. They are incredibly stylish, making dogs of all shapes and sizes look fantastic whilst getting dry in the comfort of their own bed or even in the boot of a car. They come in a vast range of sizes from Extra XX small through to Extra XX-Large and a variety of colours to match your fur. Your owner simply slips the robe onto your back, wraps you up nice and snug and seals the deal with the velcro tabs sewn into the fabric. There is even a thick neck part which can be rolled up over your neck to keep your ears warm like a hoody. 

Each coat is made from a double layer of natural cotton towelling which enables you to both get dry and keep warm if it's chilly out there. We also have some of the dog drying mitts from Ruff and Tumble, so if you are lucky enough to own both, your owner might give your paws a nice tickle to dry them and never forget the leg stroke, that's one of my favourite tickles. 

Next time you go for a walk and head towards a puddle, remember to think about how you are going to get dry and ask your owner for a Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat.



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