February 04, 2019 2 min read

The two most important people in the dog business took a couple of days off last week. Both Holly and Berry left the office on Thursday to enjoy the ever so short spell of snowy powder in the beautiful Dorset countryside. They are fortunate to live in an area filled with some of the best walks a dog could wish for, including the two iron age hillforts of Hod and Hambledon just a stone's throw from the DogsDogsDogs offices in Shaftesbury. 

Dog walking on Hambledon Hill

We have no idea why dogs love the snow so much, but when asked, Berry replied. "It is because it is so rare. In this country, in particular, we never know when it is going to snow so a covering of white stuff on the fields gets me and my friends very excited."

A bark of warning though says Holly, CEO of Dogs Dogs Dogs.

Spaniel in the snow"Make sure to check your dog isn't shivering if so it might be time to buy a new coat or take them inside. One other thing a careful dog owner should do is to check our paws to ensure packs of snow have not built up between your pads."

This is advice that Holly picked up on the RSPCA website. You should also look out for antifreeze in puddles around parked cars and rock salt. These can lead to poisoning if consumed by dogs, fatal for cats. 

Holly having fun in the snow dogsdogsdogs

We hope you enjoyed the snow and have liked the pics the dogs have been putting on Instagram. Please share and follow us to find out about what we have been up to and any new products we might be taking on board.

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