Top 5 Dog Films for Lockdown

Top 5 Dog Films for Lockdown

It is week three of lockdown and things are settling into a routine for most of us. Some are still trying to adjust and amongst those undergoing severe changes to their lifestyle are our pets. If you are lucky enough to live in the Countryside then the number of walks probably just doubled if not trebled. Take Berry, for example, she is getting on a bit and has the usual Labrador problems developing with her hips, so she has had to slow down a bit. With 4 members of the family all desperate to take her away for a bit of solitude, she is actually over-exercised. As a result, we have taken the extreme measure to only take her for two walks a day and shorten them.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of films to help her pass the time. Like most Dogs, she loves nothing more than snuggling down with the family in front of the TV to see what's happening on the glowing box we all stare at so much. Se here is Berry's list of favourite films featuring Dogs that will help pass time at home when in Lockdown.

Old Yeller Dog Films

Dog Film 1: Old Yeller (1957)

A Disney Classic as old as the hills. This endearing tale tells the story of a family in post-civil war Texas who find a stray Labrador in their cornfield. The father has left to collect cattle and leaves the family to fend for themselves. The dog is called Old yeller partly because of its colour and because its bark sounds like a human. The film follows the adventures of the dog and Travis the son. Without wanting to spoil the tale the ending is very sad indeed, especially after then a number of times Old Yeller saves the day. This ranks up there with the very best dog films of all time and keeps its appeal so many years later. 

Marley and Me Lockdown Films

Film 2: Marley and Me (2008)

If you haven't shed a tear over this one then you have a heart of stone! Following the ups and downs of life with Marley, a beautiful Golden Retriever who helps a couple slightly lost find their way. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star alongside the puppy that gives them a reason to go on. The joy of this film is down to the everyday antics of a dog at its finest, from eating shoes and giving John material for his newspaper column that ensures their financial survival. If you want to find out more go here: you can also watch it on Netflix: 

Beethoven the movie

Dog Film 3: Beethoven (1992)

What list of dog films could be written without the biggest dog of the lot?! Beethoven, is a giant St Bernard who escapes from some dog thieves and makes his way into the family home of the Newtons. The film follows the adventures of the family and dog as they come to terms with owning such a large puppy that turns into an essential part fo the family. The story is brought to life with an unscrupulous vet who wants to use Beethoven as fodder for ammunition practice. Needless to say, the family save the day and get the vet put behind bars and the family are all happy and end up with lots of puppies in the closing sequence. Beethoven can be watched on Googles Play Movies Channel.

Homeward Bound

Dog Film Number 4: The Incredible Journey (1963)

The original Pet journey film, this tells the tale of 2 dogs and cat whose family has to leave them behind when they move to San Fransisco. A Labrador Retriever, Bull Terrier and Tao a Siamese Cat that looks good enough to eat travel across the North West Frontier to be with their family. Along the way, they undergo trials and tests that ensure they are better pets when they reach their destination. You can watch the Incredible Journey on The Disney Channel.

Marmaduke Movie

Dog Film Number 5: Marmaduke (2010)

Another Owen Wilson Classic is this guy a dog lover or what. He stars as the voice of Marmaduke another oversized dog who helps a family with young children adapt to a new lifestyle. Namely the trip to Orange County in California to settle in with new friends and work for the father. Featuring lots of famous actors voices in the parts of other animals, this has just squeezed in ahead of some other family favourites like 101 Dalmatians on Berry's list. You can watch the trailer here:

We hope you enjoyed our list and the links are useful in helping you find the films. The majority are Disney Classics so you can find them by signing up to the Disney Channel. THis may actually be the best £7 you spend this month. Enjoy. 

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