Waterproof Dog Bed or Crate Pad for Outdoor Dogs?

Waterproof Dog Bed or Crate Pad for Outdoor Dogs?

Choosing a Waterproof Dog Bed or Crate Pad for your Dog

When it comes to outdoor dogs, Holly and Hula compete for who can get the muddiest whenever it rains or whenever they see a puddle for that matter. Which is why we have a such a good selection of waterproof dog beds and crate pads. When they get back into the house, car or office, they need to dry off and not trash the normal bed made of less durable material. When it comes to buying a dog bed for a typically messy breed like a Labrador or Spaniel you might want some help. Which is why we have written this guide to help you.

Whether you have had dogs all your life or are just starting on the four legged journey you probably already know how much sleep a dog requires. On average 14 hours a day, more for older and younger dogs. That means getting the right dog bed is essential to keeping them happy and healthy.

What is the difference between a crate pad and a dog bed?

Waterproof dog bed

A crate pad tends to be one level with no sides. Think more like a cushion or mattress than a traditional dog bed. Crate pads can be left on their own on the floor or in the boot of your car. In fact they are very good for cars becaause they are small and light and you can stack other baggage on top. 

We have created a size guide for crates in your car. It is important to get the measurements right so it fits first time. 

Crate pads as the name suggests are also more commonly used inside crates. Crates are metal or wooden cages that help you to train your puppy. Instead of just putting them into a plastic tray you should make sure they have a comfy floor, this is where the crate pad comes in. 

A dog bed, traditionally has sides or walls. They help to keep you dog warm and feeling safe. If you have a drafty house then we would suggest a dog bed with high sides. What humans sometimes fail to consider is where the drafts are in your house. You may not even notice the drafts on the floor but your dog will. If you leave your dog exposed on a crate pad on the floor and there is a cold draft you may make them ill. 

How to work out if you need a crate pad indoors?

In this instance you need to become your dog. So get down on all fours and see where the drafts are coming from. If your dog is likely to be sleeping int hat room then go for a high sided bed. 

Why Choose a Waterproof Dog bed

You need a waterproof dog bed if your dog likes to get covered in mud or just gets wet a lot. That means swimming in lakes, rivers and don't forget puddles. Berry our previous labrador used to jump in the river everytime she saw it. When you get home, your dog can sit on the waterproof bed and dry. Because of the nature of waterproof beds, they are usually easy to clean and dry. This is important because you don't want a damp bed to stay damp and dirty or it will stink to high heaven.  

Country dog waterproof dog beds are great because you can give them a scrub, jet wash them and hang out to dry.  You can watch Berry's video of how to clean your waterproof dog bed here. The same principle applies for crate pads too. 

Why choose a crate pad for your dog?

If you move around a lot in a vehicle and own a dog a crate pad can be a beautiful solution. It is thin and easy to mvoe around and best of all easy to clean. You can buy different sizes of dog crate to fit your car or crate. They are also not too expensive, so you can buy a couple and have them in different rooms. It is the cheapest way to keep your dogs happy if you have 2 or 3 of them. You can also sling them onto furniture to protect the furniture and your dog will appreciate the familiar material and smell while you get to keep your sofa smelling nice. 

Crate pad for dogs

Other things to consider when choosing a dog crate or bed for your puppy are how they sleep. According to the RSPCA, you should look at the way they sleep, do they spread out or curl up. This could mean a crate pad is the only solution because the dog is too long for a traditional bed. 

How thick should my crate pad be?

Again this goes to the personal thoughts around the dog and their needs. If your dog is old, it will typically have sore joints and need some cushioning. You might want to think about memory foam instead or just something deeper. 

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