What to get your dog for Christmas

What to get your dog for Christmas

Christmas Presents for Dogs

The good news is, we have sold out of Doggy Treat Advent Calendars, because if you still have some left before the begining of December then you have a problem. We love to think that there are hundreds of lucky pups enjoying a daily treat from Lily's Kitchen and Good Boy in the run up to Christmas.

Now is the time to move on and think about the bigger doggy presents that should be going under the tree as you read this. 

What should you get your four legged friend for Woofmas?

It is an age old question that was being asked by dog owners since the dawn of time. Puppies used to huddle around the campfire listening to the humans droning on about hunting in the knowledge that one day each year they might get a treat. In the 2020's times have changed and serious consideration needs to be given to choosing the right gift for your dog. Here at Dogs Dogs Dogs we are driven by our love of dogs and of course the boss, Holly Spaniel. She gets to choose everything we stock in the hope that she gets the leftovers at the end of the season. This includes of course her personal favourite the stuffed Pheasant Toy. (see below) 


Foody Treats for a Doggy Christmas

When you're talking about dogs, the first place to think of is their stomachs. Especially relevant in the case of Labradors who are already salivating at the thought of all those Turkeys that might somehow find their way to the floor when no-one is looking. At Dogs Dogs Dogs, we have got you covered for this as well. With a selection of tasty treats and meals that would even keep the late Berry Labrador happy for a few minutes at least. 

For those with a smaller eating ability, we have the Festive Turkey Jerky from Lily's Kitchen. 

Or the Festive Christmas Treats from Forthglade which includes Turkey with Cranberry Bites, made with natural ingredients. 

To round off the festive feast for those with a bigger apetite, we also have a can or two of delicious Christmas Dinner. Also known as the Three Bird Feast from Lily's Kitchen. You can get a single can or indeed a box full of the stuff. While you sit enjoying your family roast, there is no longer any need for your pet to dribble on the sidelines. Let them get stuck in too and enjoy this doggy treat with all the trimmings. 

 Let's not forget the big night, Christmas eve should be a time for everyone, including your dog. They have kept you company all through the year whatever the weather, so why not add a stocking into the mix. This year they needn;t spend the week hovering by the firdge door hoping for a leftover. They could have their own stocking. We have a few Good Boy Real Meat Dog Stockings left in the warehouse. Looking for a tree or mantlepiece to hang off. 

What are the best Dog Toys for Christmas

No matter how old your dog, it is still not very nice for them to see lots of hildrens toys on Christmas day and not have something to play with themselves. Which is why at Dogs Dogs Dogs, we have a good selection of toys for them to play with over the winter period. If you are a Penguin, Turkey or Reindeer then look away now. Head over to our Christmas Dog Toyspage to see the selection. 

Christmas Dog Toys

Dog Toys for Dog Lovers

Rounding up the Christmas Dog Toy list , you should of course remember yourself. We also have a good selection of Christmas presents for dog lovers. Including Calendars and note books. If you are treating your dog then why not treat yourself, just stay away from the Festive Turkey Jerky, you may get your hand bitten off. 

From all of us here at Dogs Dogs Dogs, we wish you a merry Christmas. 

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