Danish Design Lumberjack Deluxe Slumber Bed

Size Guide
  • “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK………..”! (Actually, this bed is not OK, it’s brilliant!)

    The country inspired slumber bed is a wonderfully soft bed. It is Available in five sizes and three colour schemes. Just imagine your pooch snuggled up in one of these, after all, they do deserve the best! They will thank you after a good night's sleep on the well-filled, deep base cushion which is soft to the touch and sumptuously squishy. Holly, one of our chief testers, rated this as one of her favourites and we can see why!


    • Three stunning designs
    • Super-soft thermal polyester fibre filling for maximum warmth and comfort
    • Removable base cushion

    Fabric & Care:

    • Hand-wash or machine wash on a cool, slow setting
    • Super-soft thermal polyester fibre filling


    • Available in five different sizes, check our size guide in the tab above for more details.

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