Dogrobe Original

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Cobalt Blue
  • Our super-absorbent dog drying coat protects your home and surfaces from wet or muddy shake-off. Take one with you in the car and keep your vehicle clean and dry on the journey home from wet or muddy walks.

    Thanks to their super-absorbent fabric and quick fit, Dogrobes are the easy way to dry your dog after outdoor adventures, swimming, grooming, training, working and bath times. The long loops on the inside of the drying coat quickly absorb moisture from your dog's fur, helping them dry off quickly in around 30 minutes.

    Using a Dogrobe is perfect for dogs who don’t like hairdryers, and it can help reduce dog coat matting caused by vigorous towel drying. Pets can lounge around in their Dogrobe without the risk of an unpleasant wet dog smell to contend with - and you can say goodbye to soggy dog towels lying around.

    Choose a dog drying coat and you can look forward to saving time and effort cleaning up after your pet.