Seattle Mattress

Coral Pink
Sienna Brown
Stone Grey
Topaz Green
  • Why Buy Me? 
    • Modern design & stylish materials
    • Exception comfort & support
    • Versatility in size & style
    • Non Slip base

    Discover the Seattle Mattress, thoughtfully designed with button-style features that keep it perfectly plumped and maintain even distribution of its extra bouncy recycled fill. This pet bed is the ideal choice for dogs who love to sprawl out or curl up, offering unparalleled comfort, warmth, and support regardless of their size or shape.

    Choose from a variety of sizes and colours to match your pet's preferences and your home's décor. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a washable bed, making care and maintenance a breeze.

    Give your furry friend the gift of ultimate comfort with the Seattle Mattress today!

    • Outer: 100% polyester
    • Fill: Memory Foam (PU)
    Washing Instructions
    • Machine Washable: The whole bed is Machine Washable at 30 degrees. However, this will depend on the size of the bed, larger beds may need a larger drum. 
    • Do not bleach or tumble dry pet beds.
    Size Information
    • Medium (80cm x 60cm / 31.5" x 24")
    • Large (100cm x 70cm / 39" x 27.5")

    Before ordering please ensure your chosen size is right for your dog. For guidance please see our Size Guide.

    Please note: The images should not be used as a specific size representation, please make sure to refer to the size and measurement details to determine which size is suitable for your pet.

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