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Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad

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  • The Snugglesafe heatpad is perfect for new puppies and provides warmth and comfort when they need it most (a bit like a sophisticated doggy hot-water bottle!). Simply heat it in the microwave and it can provide up to 10 hours warmth and snuggles.

    It contains a gel called Thermapol which is non-toxic and able to sustain warmth when heated in a microwave. It comes with it's own Snugglesafe cover and can be placed in your dogs bed/blanket either at home or on the move. It is bite resistant (has no wires for your dog to chew through) and is fully washable.

    The Danish Design 'my first bed' also features a pocket specifically designed to house the heat pad, giving warmth and comfort for your puppy while they sleep.


    • Offers a safe way to provide warmth to your dog or puppy
    • Perfect for giving extra comfort and reassurance to puppies in the early weeks and can help with seperation anxiety
    • Can be used in conjunction with both the Snugglesafe Bonze and the Danish Design 'My first bed'
    • Perfect for elderly or convalescing dogs
    • Simple soft fleece cover included
    • Fully washable