In the world of pet products, there are hundreds of different brands and products to choose from depending on your budget, pet and personal taste. At DogsDogsDogs we spend a lot of time selecting which products are going to feature on our website. Of course due to the nature of our dog led management, we save a lot of time by not having to waste time considering Cats.

When the team go in search of new products we are thinking not just from the point of view of the many wonderful four-legged hounds and houndesses out there but also of their owners. We like to consider what is in the best interest of both pet and owner. So here are our thoughts on why we have chosen to stock the entire P&L Superior Dog Bed range on our website.

P&L Brown Fleece Dog Bed

At DogsDogsDogs we don't just go by brand reputation, what other dogs are saying on their walks or even the price tag. Our team of testers are some of the most experienced in the business, so we take a paws on approach to dog bed evaluation. 

1. Value for money

A recent survey shows that a lot of dog owners will spend more on their pets than their other half at Christmas. Although this is obviously great news for us as a company it is also important to consider why owners spend so much. For us it comes down to the quality and longevity of the product. P&L Pet beds are of a very high quality and are built to last. Meaning your owners £££s will go much further than when they spend £10 every couple of months on new beds which get chewed to death or just disintegrate when damp. P&L Pet beds range from £50 - £130 and last for much longer if treated correctly. Another reason to check out our video guides on how to look after your dog beds, especially the waterproof ones.

Basket Weave P&L Dog Bed

2. Quality of product

Pets and Leisure have been making Dog Beds since the year 2000, giving them unrivalled pedigree in the dog bed market. For years they have listened to their customers and made changes accordingly, ensuring their products are built with the customer in mind. If you look after your Pets and Leisure dog bed it will repay the favour and keep you snug and warm for a long time to come. 

3. The comfort of the dog bed

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a dog bed is the comfort factor. Dogs all over the Uk have let us know they want a bed that keeps its shape and remains comfortable throughout the year. Of course, some naughty pups out there like to destroy their beds as quickly as possible. Remember it's a dog bed, not a dog chew. but for those of you who take a little more care, your P&L dog bed will remain comfortable for a long time if you keep your teeth off. Some of the range of dog beds have high sides meaning dogs can be kept warm if sleeping in a drafty room and some have a drop front so the older animals amongst you can enter and leave your bed without having to scale a wall.

4. Range of sizes

Pets and Leisure supply us with a vast range of beds that come in all shapes and sizes. So even the biggest dog and the smallest puppy can fit snuggly into their choice of a dog bed. Make sure you have measured your dog before making your choice. Have a look at how they sleep, is it stretched out or curled up like a snake. Give them room to run in their sleep and you should be able to get your choice right the first time.

High Aulity Dog products provided by Pets and Leisure Dog Beds

5. Made in the UK

As a UK based company, it is important for us to support our economy so we can keep British dogs well fed and looked after. P&L is based in East Sussex, just outside the coastal town of Hastings, well known as the birthplace of Television. For this reason alone we love it because who doesn't love waiting for 101 Dalmatians to come on at Christmas time. Every dog bed also comes with its own Union Jack label that we think adds to the charm. Especially at a time of uncertainty like Brexit, let's support UK manufacturing.

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