We're roofing from the wooftops about our new products

The staff at DogsDogsDogs are barking mad with excitement this morning, jumping all over the place at the latest re-tail news to come from Britain's newest dog shop. Yesterday we pressed the go-live switch on our website to launch a whole new range of doggy related products. The company now has more Red Dingo products for sale than you can wag your tail at (yes, even you Holly).

This includes a fabulous range of toys, leads, collars and harnesses in a huge variety of colours sizes and designs. As the name of the company suggests we are all about dogs (not cats or hamsters) and we want to provide all of our four-legged friends with the best products at the best prices. 

Some of our favourite new dog products on the dogsdogsdogs website include the fabulous Union Jack dog lead. Believe it or not, you can even match this up with a Union Jack Collar and even a harness if you are looking to protect your puppies neck.Union Jack Dog Lead Red DIngo

Our other favourite dog safety products range from Red Dingo Harnesses which should save your neck from harsh pulling that could damage your trachea, a fate worse than death for Berry who even now is looking for a second breakfast. These harnesses come in different sizes for small to large dogs and a range of colours and patterns to keep you looking good all year round. Next time your fancy man or lady comes sniffing around you can shake your fur like you just got soaked and bring these stunning accessories to life. 

Red Dingo Dog Harness for a safe pull

From Butch Bulldog to a pretty Pekinese, Red Dingo Dog products will keep you looking young and hip in front of your friends. You may even want to ask your owner to use the slow-mo function on their smartphone next time you chase the proverbial stick across the park. You can then replay it at your leisure and work our how to improve your form. 

Just remember, the team here at DogsDogsDogs are here to make you look good and feel comfortable in your fur. Not forgetting, of course, the need to have fun as well which is why we have saved the best for last. Yes, that's right we also have a selection of furry toys to chew, chase and cuddle.

Toy squirrel for dag chasing

On a final note, this also means that our team of dog testers now have an alternative to trying out new dog beds. We're not entirely sure how we can get them to move out of their cosy dog beds for longer than a few seconds, but are sure the right harness set might entice them. Keep in touch with us and watch the team trying out these new products and reviewing them.

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