7 Reasons you should choose a heavy duty waterproof dog bed from Country Dog

Are you looking for a new dog bed for your four-legged friend? If so then we have pulled together a list of 7 reasons you should choose a heavy duty waterproof dog bed, as opposed to some of the cheaper and softer alternatives on the dog bed market. 

  1. Waterproof dog beds are easier to clean than other beds. No, you can't just put it in the washing machine like some but a quick hose down, soap scrub followed by another hose down leaves your dog's bed squeaky clean and fresh.
  2. Country Dog (by P & L superior pet beds) waterproof dog beds are very well made. The material is heavy duty and if looked after well will last much longer than other dog beds.Well made waterproof  dog beds
  3. Our waterproof dog beds have high sides. These high walls are filled with bonded Thermal Polyester Fibre to insulate your pet from the cold floor and keep it out of draughts. Keeping your pet warm and away from drafts will help reduce pain in their joints as they get older.
  4. A deep cushion on the floor of the bed will also protect their joints. It is important to keep dogs comfortable when they get old and a cushioned bed is important to sooth the effects of arthritic joints.
  5. If you live in the countryside, then a waterproof dog bed is essential for your own sanity. Allowing your pet to dry off in the comfort of their own bed is a much better solution than them soaking into a soft dog bed. Once its dry you can give it a quick wash and it will be as good as new.
  6. They are about as close to chew-proof as it is possible to get without being chew proof! Remember dog beds are dog beds, not dog chews.Remember its a dog bed not a dog chew
  7. You can use them outdoors, we wouldn't recommend it but if you are a forgetful type then it will survive better than a soft dog bed!

If you can think of any more reasons to buy a heavy duty dog bed then please let us know. Don't forget we have loads more products on the website. It is not just about dog beds. You can buy anything from a dog lead to harness. Take a look around and see what your dog might like for its next birthday. 

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