Choosing your dog's bed - Waterproof, Fur, Faux Suede or even Fleece

Choosing your dog's bed - Waterproof, Fur, Faux Suede or even Fleece

We know how much you love your dog or you would be reading this in the first place, but how much time and effort do you put into finding the right dog bed for your best friend? Just because they are happy to fall asleep anywhere and on anything, it doesn't mean your dog doesn't like and deserve a comfortable bed like the next puppy. 

When you go shopping for your next dog bed why not ask yourself and your dog the following questions to ensure you have covered their sleeping requirements in full. Don't forget once your dog feels comfortable in his or her new bed, they will also feel much more like part of the household at home. 

Look and Feel - Depending on where your dog bed is going to be placed in the home, you might want to first think about how it will fit into its surroundings.

  • Does the type of dog bed you require exist in a colour that matches the wallpaper?
  • Will the material it is made out of fit in with the nearby furniture?
  • Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes so you want to research which shape will fit the spot you have in mind. 
  • Durability is also a key part of choosing your dog bed. Don't forget a lot of mischievous puppies love nothing more than to eat their surroundings

Multiple Dog Beds - Do you need to have two types of bed for your dog? One for the messy muddy puppy that loves puddles and one for the well-groomed creature that likes to watch tv with the family?

  • Having two beds lets you ensure your dog is always comfortable while the other bed is being washed.
  • The dog bed in your bedroom might need to be a different shape to squeeze down the side of the bed.
  • A waterproof dog bedis useful if you have a boot room in which your dog can dry before they are allowed into the main house.

High SIded Dog beds

High or Low Sided - Your dog may prefer a higher sided bed when in a drafty kitchen. Don't forget most kitchens have an air inlet at ground level. Meaning a cold draft seeps in that humans may not feel.

  • How old is your dog, will it struggle to climb over a high sided bed.
  • Where are there drafts coming from, a high sided bed will protect your dog from the cold.
  • Does the dog bed have a drop front, so the dog can get in and out easily?

Easy to clean - Are you going to be doing a lot of dog bed cleaning. Is your puppy one of those messy beasts that love nothing more than to get soaking wet and muddy on every walk. You may even want to consider a winter dog bed and a summer one if you really go the extra mile for your dog.

  • Some dog beds fit into machines, but this does lead to quick deterioration of the material.
  • Waterproof dog beds can usually be cleaned with a splash of water or a hose and some soap. Avoiding the need to put it into a machine.
  • Some dog beds come with machine washable covers that can be stripped from the bed. This does leave the interior bit to keep on smelling though.

Size and comfort - Getting the size of your dog bed right is vital to their comfort. Measuring your dog can be tricky but all of our dog beds come with a measuring chart. Some dogs prefer to sleep curled up whilst others like to stretch out completely. Read our blog on measuring your dog up for a dog bed here:

Dog Crate Pad

Dog Bed vs Dog Mattress (AKA Crate Pads) and Duvets - It is not always necessary to have a full sized dog bed for your pet. You can also make do with the cheaper option of a mattress or duvet. These come in all colours and materials to suit your puppies needs. 

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