How to choose the right sized dog bed for your best friend

How to choose the right sized dog bed for your best friend

Measuring for a dog bed

We all know how important a good bed is for a human and if you have a furry little friend you will know it is just as important to have one for your dog or puppy. They need sleep as much or if not more than us. The average dog spends over 14 hours asleep every day so having somewhere warm, cosy and comfortable to rest is a godsend.

Why have a dog bed

A good dog bed is especially important because it gives your pet somewhere to go and rest away from the rest of us when they want some peace and quiet. Above all, means they aren't sleeping where they shouldn't, this can lead to much happier households across the UK. If your bed is regularly invaded by your dog then you will also be able to get more shut-eye, leaving more time for long walks in a happier state. 

Things to consider

Labrador on a dog bed

When choosing a new dog bed you need to think about the sleeping attitude of your dog. Do they stretch out or do they like to cuddle up to themselves for warmth? They may even like to go for a midnight run in their sleep, like our very own Berry the Labrador does. She likes a big bed because she can really stretch out those lovely long legs of hers. 

How to measure your dog

The trick to measuring your dog up for a dog bed is to measure them while they are asleep from furthest point to furthest point. That may be their paws to their bum or just kneck to bottom if they like to curl up. We would then suggest you add a few more inches and that will give you the correct dog bed size.

There are also alternative ways to measure up your dog including:

Step 1: Measure from the tip of their nose to the start of their tail.

Step 2: Measure the front legs to the elbow/knee joint

Step 3: Compare with the size guide which accompanies each dog bed description. 

Step 4: The length is the body and the leg stretch is for when they lie sideways.

For example Berry our Barketing Officer measures - 80 inches long plus 20 inches to her leg joint. So when she is asleep on her side she is 80 inches by 20 which is perfect for the Large or Jumbo. We have chosen a jumbo though because she likes a good stretch in her sleep. Oval waterproof dog bed for big dogs

A typical dog bed size chart is shown below. This one is for the Country Dog Heavy Duty Oval Dog Bed. If you need to know more about measuring your dog for his or her dog bed then give us a call at DogsDogsDogs HQ.

Size Length x Width x Height (cm) Length x Width x Height (") Suitable for:
Medium 61 x 51 x 22 24 x 20 x 9 Smaller Spaniels, Miniature Schnauzers
Large 76 x 64 x 24  29.5 x 25 x 9.5 Working Labradors, GSP's, Clumber Spaniel
Jumbo 97 x 74 x 25 38 x 29 x 10 Flatcoat Retriever, Alsatian

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