Holly's New Year's Resolutions

Hello and a very big Woofy Woof Woof (that’s Happy New Year in cocker spaniel speak). My owner has been pressurising me to come up with some ways that I am going to improve my four-legged life in 2019, so after long and hard thought (which is pretty tough for a spaniel that only thinks about pheasants, dinner-time, balls and sleep) I thought I’d share them with you.

In 2019 I promise (and I have got crossed paws) that I will try and do the following:-

  1. Listen to my owner – in the past, I have known to be a typical dog and not respond to my whistle because there was something better going on (usually something smelly and dead that drew my attention.)
  2. I am going to try and improve my table manners – it has been known that I burp when I’ve finished my food – the humans think it is very funny but I am secretly ashamed (not!)
  3. When I go to my local woods, I promise to leave the local game alone.
  4. I will not sleep on the sofa
  5. When I sleep I will try not to snore or lie with my legs in the air
  6. I must not jump up onto laps in the office.
  7. I am going to demand at least two walks per day, every day.
  8. No breaking wind whilst in the office and blaming the humans
  9. I will not beg whilst the humans are eating (yeah right, what’s the point in being a spaniel if you can’t beg)
  10. I will not go in the water

    So that’s me in a nutshell – if I achieve even one of these it will be a small miracle, however, you never know......

Share with us your doggy New Year’s resolutions!

Woof Woof xxxx

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